3 superfoods you're going to see everywhere in 2018

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Take note! Here are the hottest must-eats the experts predict will set your health alight in 2018.


This sexy yellow spice is high in curcumin, that is rich in anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting properties and contains the gene CAMP, the only known antimicrobial peptide of its kind that combats bacteria, viruses and fungi. Brew a pot of turmeric tea, or take two teaspoons of THE SUPER ELIXIR supergreens for your guaranteed daily dose.

3 most versatile veggies

According to a survey by KIND, grains will take a backseat to 3 of the most versatile veges - cauliflower, cabbage and broccoli. Their firm textures lend themselves to easy grating making them a stellar substitute to rice. Not to say it’s “sayonara” to the valuable nutrients grains like farro and quinoa offer, but if you are craving a lighter and lower calorie option, these three are for you.

Nut-based milk

“Because dairy milk is very acidic, it can be difficult to digest,” says WelleCo’s Dr Simone Laubscher PhD. “Nut-based milks like cashew, almond and hemp, are far more alkalising to the body and easier for the human body to absorb. Given disease, like low energy, weight gain and sugar cravings, flourish in an acidic environment, it is important to eat a largely alkaline, plant-based diet. Cow’s milk is way more acid-forming than goat’s milk, and then almond and soy milk are even less than goat’s. Dairy is by far are the most acid-forming.”

For the most nutritious and highest quality nut milk, try making your own.

I’m a hemp milk convert thanks to my last trip staying with Elle Macpherson in Arizona. No soaking is required - it’s instant and a great alternative for those wanting to avoid the cow. I make my breakfast smoothies with fresh hemp milk three days a week and almond milk for two. It’s easy.” -WelleCo CEO Andrea Horwood.

How to make hemp milk with Elle Macpherson

  • ½ cup hemp seeds (your local health market should have these in bags in the fridge)
  • 2 cups filtered water.
  • Filter bag (available from health shops)

Combine water and seeds.

Blitz in a high-speed blender.

Remove and filter hemp milk through a bag.

Your hemp milk is ready. Use and store remainder of batch in fridge for a few days. and its done. That’s it, no soaking, instant. And you can make a batch and keep in the fridge for a few days.