Crystal Clear Wellness

HealerHolly Starchats to WelleCo aboutthe life changing power of crystals.

WelleCo (W): What are healing crystals?

Holly Star (HS): They are gemstones that have properties to aid in healing or assisting energy patterns and rhythms - like shifting a frequency band.

W: Why use them?

HS: They can help in many uses - opening up the heart, helping raise frequency or shifting emotions. I also think stones have encodings or information stored in them that can be accessed by the body or psyche.

W:Are they spiritual?

HS: I think all things in life are, but it’s how we use them or do not use them. How we connect with things – is what gives it meaning. The spirit(ual) is our guide.

W: Where should you keep them?

HS: I like to sleep with them near or under my pillow or on my body. I also keep one in my pocket for certain occasions like meetings and interviews. It’s also nice place them in entry ways and places where people connect with others at the meeting points.

W: Do they have an expiry date?

HS: I don't believe so, but I do believe in recharging them in sunlight or moonlight to restore their healing properties.

W: Can anyone be a crystal healer or are you born one?

HS: I think most things in life can be learned, but when one has a gift usually that overpowers all learned knowledge.

W: How do I know if I am a born spiritual healer?

HS: Your life will be turned upside down (ha ha)! No seriously, you will be guided deep into places that will train you to do so.

W: What crystals do you suggest for beginners?

HS: I would choose the easy soft ones like rose quartz, amethyst, clear quartz, turquoise and citrine.

W: Are we drawn to certain crystals or are they drawn to us?

HS: I think it’s a relationship, so either can be attracted to either. Sometimes we don’t know what we need but a crystal is given to us, or we see it and it’s “beautiful”.

W: What does crystal energy actually feel like?

HS: To me it always feels grounding or activating; like a different frequency of the earth that communicates silently.

W: How long does it take to notice a difference in yourself after using crystals?

HS: I think it depends on what you are trying to achieve and with what stones. I always notice a difference almost immediately. I don't think you have to be a “believer” either, but I do think it helps to connect to stones to ignite the relationship.

Holly Star is based in New York and works internationally as an Advisor and Intuitive. She also works in spaces and settings to harmonize their natural life force. With her background in herbal medicine, flower and gem essences, and energetic healing, she is dedicated to creating a product line that assists people in keeping alignment with their soul’s journey. See more about her healing work at here.



ROSE QUARTZ is the loving stone - a healer of physical heart ailments and heartbreaks that encourages self-love or seeks to find inner peace.


AMETHYST is the stone of wisdom and intuition and has powerful healing qualities, both physical and spiritual. It imparts a sense of calm and balance, clearing the mind of confusion and soothing negative emotions.


TIGER EYE boosts personal power and helps find balance and harmony in life. It helps release fears and anxieties providing the courage and self-confidence to tackle the most challenging problems.


JADEcarries still and calming energy and helps find self-acceptance and inner calm. It helps the wearer understand dream symbolism and tap inner creativity. It can also relieve physical pain and help flush toxins from the body


TURQUOISEis the healing stone long revered by native Americans who valued it for its ability to help interpret dreams, ward off evil, and strengthen love and friendship bonds.


TOPAZis the crystal of potency producing both positive and negative currents bringing clarification to one’s intention and helping focus on thoughts, energy and actions.